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"I see you, I hear you and you DO matter".


If you're reading this then you've probably been scouring the web looking for information, answers, directions, help or even hope.

Life can be challenging for everyone at times whether it be a traumatic experience such as a relationship breakup, divorce, death, bullying or just trying to manage or cope with family members, in-laws, and certain friends.

When changes and events occur, we search to find a new way of being to help us cope or manage. In my experience, it's acquiring the appropriate skills or coping mechanisms to manage them effectively that makes all the difference.

Sometimes unexpected events life just that throw us off balance or can pull the rug right from out beneath us or something totally blind-sides us and we're left to wonder "what do I do now?"

Self-Esteem and Personal Development

I love working with individuals who really want to live their authentic selves. All too often people are living the life that others expect of them. No wonder, we forget who we really are or who we wish to be when we dance to the beat of another's drum. Happiness isn't impossible when you know who you are.

Working with the children

Working with children from the ages of about 8 - 16, particularly boys, is something I'm truly passionate about. Over the years, I have gained a reputation for making a difference and everlasting change to the "black sheep in the family". In my experience, these "black sheep" tend to be the most sensitive members of the family and act out when they run out of socially acceptable ways of expressing themselves.

Marriage Counselling - Mend it don't end it!

I work collectively with couples to tease apart the issues that are impacting their relationship. Then collaboratively, through mediation, work towards understanding and resolution of the real issues. I personally tailor a relationship plan with specific details and actions - I understand couples want results, not just the "now reflect back what you've just heard" approach to communication.

Family Counselling

I understand the pressures of parenting, particularly of adolescents and the difficulties parenting this stage can bring. Counseling areas include, self-esteem, confidence and helping children survive their school years.

Grief and Loss Counselling

Where most specialists spend many years working their way up to the more difficult cases, I took the enormous leap by accepting a clinical placement a position with palliative care patients working with the most vulnerable, scared, lonely and often most isolated people in our community. This experience has fundamentally shaped the way in which I work one-on-one with my clients and one which I truly treasure.

Executive Counselling and Small Business Coaching

Combining my corporate knowledge and experience, through genuinely empathizing, I also help pressured executives and other high profile individuals to attain equilibrium in their lives by teaching the skills necessary to manage their expectations of themselves and of others. In business, there are 3 essential building blocks; Art, Science and Relationships. Often, when many businesses fail it is generally attributable to the third. This is where I can help you to build closer, better and healthier relationships with management, staff, clients and/or customers.

Depression and Anxiety

One of the most difficult areas to work with. Over the years, I've come to truly believe it is a multi-pronged, holistic and collaborative approach that's most effective. I work closely with the doctors and medical team, with YOU guiding me and taking the lead on your treatment and therapy.

Counseling helps you to breathe, take a step back, reflect, challenge, review and revisit without judgment in a safe, supportive and trusted environment. So whatever decision you make going forward will be entirely measured and in your best interest.

I love working with people, teaching life skills and witnessing their growth. I appreciate how difficult it can be to ask for help, particularly if you're the one usually being relied upon by others, but you're not alone. Life truly does not need to be this hard so let's work together to change it.

Working in the private surrounds of North Head Sanctuary in Manly, NSW allows my clients the privacy to seek help and the opportunity to walk the tranquil grounds for a period of reflection.

Call now for a confidential consultation on 0419 264 852 or send an email to and begin to live the life that you deserve.

Narelle Brigden

Grad. Dip., Counselling



North Head Sanctuary

Suite 6, Building 3

33 Scenic Drive

Manly, NSW 2095



A qualified and registered therapist of the Australian Counsellors Association.

**After hours appointments under special circumstances.

For areas outside of the Northern Beaches, please refer to my affiliated counseling directory:

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