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Charging and Time:

For your first appointment, I ask that you allow for 1.5hours with the first 1/2 hour at no charge.

Everyone's different, but generally 6 - 12 sessions is what the average issue requires to make any real change. I tend to find at the end of the first session, I have a better indication of the real issue/s and a clearer understanding of people's expectations of what's required from me and the therapy. Here's is where we generally discuss and agree on future session requirements.

Please call to discuss on 0419 264 852 a counselling schedule and plan that will best suit you.

Are you covered with Medicare?

Currently, Medicare does not issue provider numbers to any Counsellors in Australia only Psychologists. The average current fee for Psychologists on the Northern Beaches is approx. $220.00/hour. Your total out of pocket expense is approx $80.00 per session. Counselling fees in general, are not a great deal more than the gap for rebate.

Often clients have gone through the medical system but find their real issues have not been dealt with or were overlooked. The basic reason for this choice as explained to me is monetary. This saddens me as they have endured the wrong treatment and the issues have just been prolonged for a further 12 weeks. 

It is vitally important that when choosing a Counsellor in Australia ensure they are registered with ACA or PACFA, the only two recognised authorities in Australia for counselling and psychotherapy practices.

What happens if I choose the Medicare Option?

To be processed through a Psychologist for a Medicare rebate, you must first ask your doctor for an assessment for which he/she will then write a "Mental Health Plan". After meeting the criteria, you will then be referred to a local Psychologist. In most cases, you will be able to attend 6 sessions and after assessment, you may be entitled to a further 6 sessions with a Medicare rebate. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you proceed with a Mental Health Plan you must also advise your personal insurance provider that you are currently undergoing treatment through the Government provided Mental Health Plan.

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