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Is Counselling For Me?

Wondering if counselling or therapy will help. You've heard about it, read about it but you're not really sure it's for you.

What is counselling or What it is Not?

Counselling may appear scary for those experiencing it for the very first time. So, firstly and hopefully to dispel the two oldest myths. The first - it's not about lying on a couch, trawling through the corridors of your past and uncovering the skeletons and revealing where it all went wrong. Yes we are a product of our past - no denying that - but we should not be held prisoner to it.

Everyone in their lives will come across or experience problems, issues, and difficult people and relationships - no exceptions. But that's exactly what they are problems, issues, and relationships - it's not who you are - it's what you're trying to deal with.

Now the second myth, there is nothing wrong with you. In my experience, most people find that they just need help establishing and maintaining "healthy" boundaries around their relationships, particularly for those with difficult personalities. Or for those of you that have certain issues or problems in their life that they are finding hard to manage and may require more appropriate coping mechanisms and want to change the way they currently deal with their issues. 

When do people go to counselling?

People usually turn to counselling when they have reached a crisis point, or feel they are exhausting their family and friendships, which makes you feel even more alone. Can't cope, can't tolerate or can't take it anymore and really want help or change in their lives or get their lives back on track.

How do you work?

Every Counsellor works with their clients differently from the framework for which they believe in. For me, it's about meeting you where you are now and what you want from your life now and in the future, then working through the issues and problems together to find the solutions that work for you. 

What happens in Counselling?

This is the most frequently asked question in counselling and I think this is the best way I know that I can answer it - it's like talking to someone who really wants to listen to what you have to say and wants to help you to help yourself. 

How Long Does it Take?

The average time I spend with clients is between 6-8 sessions. In my experience, the client will continue for as long as they find it helpful. It's always dependent upon the client to determine how long their therapy continues.

So give yourself the gift of regaining your life. Contact me via email or call on 0419 264 852.

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