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"After experiencing some behavioural issues that really felt out of character with our youngest son (8), we were recommended to see Narelle. After only a few short sessions between them, we were over the moon with the rapport she built and the self-confidence she was able to help him rebuild. We now have a super confident, happy, settled young man who is a pleasure to be around. We have such respect and belief in Narelle as a Counsellor and would highly recommend her to anyone."

Fitchick70, Northern Beaches

"Finally a counsellor who gives you actually strategies and tools to genuinely help! Thanks, Narelle for helping me to help myself!"

Sasha, Manly

After discovering my wife's infidelity, I truly went into a tailspin. Three children, a great job and a beautiful home - I thought we had it all. Clearly, we weren't happy and got about busying ourselves with kids, sports and other things. Narelle calls this 'process skipping' - we did everything we could to avoid our relationship. We learned to argue fairly, have healthy boundaries and behave respectively - even in arguments. In order words, we reconnected or perhaps truly, honestly connected for the first time in a healthy way.

John, Queenscliffe

"After many months of bullying from the 'in-crowd' my once social son was starting to struggling with everyday things. My concern for him was growing and so was the distance between us. I really felt I was losing our son. Thankfully, Narelle was highly recommended and after a relatively short period of time, we now have our son that we thought was lost".

Anne & Jake, Manly

“Narelle is a talented counsellor who excels at couple and family counselling. She also treats depression, anxiety and self-confidence building. Her immediate rapport with clients demonstrates her ability to tune in with the client and in that way assists the client in their own world. I can not recommend Narelle highly enough as a counsellor who really cares about the outcome for her clients.”

Gerry North, Bondi

"Narelle is fantastic. I've gained a lot of value working with her. She's a great listener but also provides useful strategies for coping with the issues I face. She helped me address some issues I had coming into my new relationship and the results have been outstanding. After speaking with her, I always feel lighter. I have seen a few counsellors over the years and I can rate her at the top. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with relationship issues: who might be uncertain where to go next or just having trouble adjusting to the next phase of life.”

J McWhorter, Inner Sydney

"After coming to the end of my third disastrous relationship and finding myself single again at the age of 35, it occurred to me that maybe I was a common factor. Given my strong "man up and boys don't cry" upbringing, it was really difficult to call a counsellor and ask for some guidance. Another male friend recommended Narelle and from our first meeting, she made me feel instantly relaxed and free (probably the first time in my life) to talk openly about all my problems. I'm now in a strong position in aspects of my life and owed largely to my work with Narelle."

Craig, Manly

"I suddenly found myself divorced, a single mum and very vulnerable at the age of 45. I was scared, anxious, embarrassed and feeling very alone. She could sense from the very first session that I was so nervous, Narelle was gentle with me and over time I found myself opening up to her true and honestly about all the good and bad in my life. I now feel so empowered and now believe I am living an authentic life. For anyone with self-esteem issues and trust me, I was the poster child, I highly recommend you see Narelle."

Jenny, Northern Beaches

At the age of 52, I found myself dealing with depression in my own life. After two years of sessions with a psychologist on a regular basis, I felt I was getting nowhere. After a relatively short time with you, my head and heart are a lot clearer and cleaner. I can now move forward with insight and decisiveness. You are truly an amazing talent and so intuitive. As a General Practitioner, I have no hesitation whatsoever referring my patients to you.

Name withheld

After several years of psychologist's visits after the death of my husband, my 10yo son had escalating behavioral and anger problems. I was at my wit's end, fearing no end in sight. After yet another incident of acting out at school, it was suggested by a friend to call Narelle who had work with his two teenage sons. Within 4 visits, Narelle built the rapport, manage to unravel the issues which were relational, not behavioural as I had been led to believe by the "specialists", I had my happy son back again. I've now reconnected with my grieving son and he's behavour has done a complete turnaround. I have no hesitation, whatsoever in recommending Narelle.

Suzy, Collaroy

From the bottom of my heart - thank for, for all the guidance, for the listening, for your patience and wisdom. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep fluttering in and out of people's lives and sprinkling your magic dust! It may seem thankless sometimes, but I assure you, even if we don't know it at the time - we are oh so very grateful. With Love.

Rebuilt Now Single Mum, Freshwater.

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