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Where to find me

My practice is wholly built on specifically meeting the needs of my clients and part of that need is to address client concerns including anonymity and confidentiality. Let's be honest, most people do not want to walk into a therapist's office via an office front at their local shops. This is why I had deliberately chosen one of the most secluded locations in Manly on the Northern Beaches, "North Head Sanctuary" which is the original home of the "Biggest Loser" at the former School of Artillery. 

As a result, my clients are purely by word of mouth and referrals only.

Unlimited parking is provided in Gunner Road Car Park via Bluefish Drive.


Please click on the link below for my address, directions and street view of my office building for my practice.

Remember, it's only a little complex to find for the first visit.

I usually ask that you text me when you arrive at the car park and I'll bring you into my practice.

I look forward to speaking soon.

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